Fascial Conduction Institute
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About the Work
Fasical Conduction  contacts the fascial tissue, a continuous dynamic web of relationship in the body to mobilize and enliven the conductive vitality of the internal systems of the body. The fascial systems unique interconnected nature conducts and entrains energetic and electromagnetic stimulus, fluid tides, and relationships to the midline. By activating the ability of the fascia to slide over the tissues of the body, it brings the fluid rhythms into balance, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and enhances fluidity, coherence and suspension.
The Fascial Conduction Institute is based on the principle of the “field” (a field is energy organized around a focus, that attracts to it, anything that enhances its focus).  Through its hands on exchange, the work creates a field of relationship to the fluidity, potency and conductivity of the organism. By
working in the field, we connect with all the electro magnetic and bioelectric currents and stimulate their
capacity to flow, support and transfer information
and nourishment to all the systems it touches.
The main teaching vehicle for this field is the work of Fascial Conduction. The other parts of the work including 5 element energetics, the Somatic Voice, the resonant field, diversifying movement patterns, and art as a resonant exchange help to support the field through building curiosity, language and movement, expanding the capacity of the organism to experience, adapt and integrate.
Fascial Conduction is a system that contacts the impulses and patterns of the fascial layers, follows there ripples and glides them into all the tissue layers of the body. It contacts both the physical as well as energetic impulses that are conducted through the fascia, creating a coherent connection felt as a current through the practitioner’s hands.
In the work of Fascial Conduction instead of focusing on the specific tissues, techniques and patterns, we put our attention to the relationship between the tissue, rhythms and patterns. By focusing on the place where all impulses, exchanges, and streamings meet, we can be the witness to the interactions of systems, polarities, movements and rhythms.
The work of Fascial Conduction is constantly being informed by the client as well as by the practitioner. The work is conducive to many types of cranial and fascial modalities, as it does not follow technique and sequence. It is a field of intention that draws on the practitioners natural and learned talents to feel deeply into the voice of the fascia.