Fascial Conduction Institute
Clinic Notes 2014

November 22, 2014      9-11am

The client came in with no outstanding health issues, though family stresses were a concern.
Medical history included a partial discectomy at L5-S1 that occurred 10 years previous with a
successful recovery. The client notices some restriction or held patterns related to the past
surgery, but nothing that prevents or limits movement. Initial contact by the practitioners
revealed a flow up the left side of the body and some spiraling through the right hip with limited
connection into the midline. The practitioners focused first on accessing the diaphragms in the
joints in order to enliven the larger diaphragms in the torso. The clients fascial system was very
responsive and brought attention to the potential inherent in the field. The challenge was with
integrating through the midline and the ability to expand laterally from the midline. As the client's
nervous system started to calm, the fascial holding around the sacrum started to unwind and the
system started to move toward coherence. Careful not to engage the nervous system, the
practitioners focused on integrating and balancing the midline. At this point, there was a strong
connection between the jaw and sacrum as the body sought to unwind even more and create
balance through the midline. The session ended with an enhanced sense of resonant vibration
in the midline and better integrated flow in and out of that center. Afterwards, the client noted a
more relaxed feeling, especially in the upper body and a shift in facial expression toward joy and

October 23, 2014     9-11 am

Client came in with his left ankle stiff after break and plates put in the Tibia to stabilize and heal it. Surgical incision had stayed open for a long time after the surgery. It was closed but the client had limited range of motion and stiffness in the ankle. His right ankle was weak and less stable, shifting his weight bearing and midline balance. With our first impulse we noticed a lot of spiralling around the legs, with a narrow conduction field in the center of the legs and no right/left connection in the legs. His right hip was compressed and his contralateral pattern was dominant with no longitudinal relationship on right or left side. We worked at spreading the conductivity throughout the legs, bringing the information pathways throughout and back and forth between the two legs. We opened the right hip using suspension and spreading opening the relationship of legs to torso. The contralateral pattern was dominant while the longitudinal relationship was weak. We connected the matrix left leg to shoulder and arm, right leg to shoulder and arm. We held the solar plexus and midline to allow the body to open into the vertical relationship in the matrix and recalibrate to the midline. The occiput was rigid and compressed; the head was rotated to the left. The dural tube as twisted and resistant with no conductivity as the posterior midline. This were addressed through slide and glide in the dural tube and release of the occiput. We used the figure eights to open inertial patterns at the right hip and solar plexus. The client was able to deeply relax and let the body expand and shift the matrix to be more complex and connected through the layers and from left to right. When we impulsed at the end, the contralateral pattern was balanced with the longitudinal matrix relationship and the system felt more integrated, ebbing and flowing from deep to superficial.  The legs had more conduction to support the feet with. The client still had some soreness in his plantar fascia on the left foot, but felt that his left and right sides were more balanced and stable. His voice had a deeper and fuller resonance, his midline more well defined and he was more settled and embodied inside his tissues. Further work on the plantar arch on the left foot, continuing to work with balancing his developmental patterns and continuing to spread and suspend the conductive capacity of his matrix will be useful.

*September 25, 2014        9-11am

Client came in with compression in her ears and under her cheek bones. She felt like she had cotton in her head and was uncomfortable. With our first impulse we found her surface matrix to be tight and held, the impulse moved snakelike up her legs and her hip right hip was fixed. Her matrix was pulled up into the head from the neck compressed around the ears and sinuses. We reconnected the superficial and deep matrix, letting the body find midline. We let the legs begin to draw the matrix back down so that it could regain its sponginess and suspension through the full leg. As the hip opened up, the area around the eyes and sphenoid began to move again and the tissue around the cheek bone could slide and glide through to the back of the ears. We worked at integrating the matrix around the cranium including the occipital bone and temporal bones into the face and neck, gliding them and using figure eight micro movements until I could glide the deeper matrix between the occipital bone and the atlas. We shifted into the field to let the stem cell potency and memory inform the integrated matrix. When we completed with another impulse at the feet, the snakelike movement had quieted down, the midline was strong and connected and the matrix was integrated superficial to deep. The matrix was still being pulled by the sinuses and ears and the system was still engaged in the healing process within that area
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