Fascial Conduction Institute
Clinics are a time for practitioners and students of Fascial Conduction  to work on a client together, getting a great diversity of input in assessment as well as relationship to the whole body with 6 to 8 hands conducting the tissue together. Libby gives input and can direct the focus, but mostly the hands on expertise of the practitioners determines the session.

For the client, it is a great opportunity to go deeper into the inertial patterns in your body and break through some old density issues. Many clients find a profound shift in a familiar, repeated pattern as well as deep relaxation and more mobility in joints and soft tissues.  Many of the clients are long term clients of the practitioners.

As a client you can expect to be held by 6 to 8 loving hands, lying on your back, fully clothed. We reach into your dense, compressed areas and integrate the conduction and full body movement of the fascia. We talk some of what we are finding and work to integrate the individual hands on work into the whole body movement.
Clinic for 2018
  4th Thursday each month (ongoing)     
  9am to 11 am
  1829 E. Franklin St.  *  Suite 1100E
  Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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For more information or to be put on the client waiting list please contact:

email:   libbyoutlaw@gmail.com 
phone:  (919) 619 2447                         
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