Fascial Conduction Institute
As Fascial Conduction Practitioners we work with the bioelectric matrix that conducts the impulses of information through the body's tissues. By contacting the inertial patterns that isolate tissues from the flow of information, nourishment and connection, we bring the conductive capabilities back to a coherent whole. This integration within the system enhances the ability of the body to function efficiently, increasing vitality and health. Our work addresses complex symptoms and sensations that indicate imbalances and historic trauma patterns. Each of us is in private practice in Chapel Hill and/or Durham, NC, as well as work together in a monthly clinic. We all have many skills in bodywork and incorporate them in our Fascial Conduction sessions.

For more information or to schedule a session contact us at:
Libby Outlaw, LMBT #414                          
     Chapel Hill, NC                      

     phone:   (919) 933-5526
     email:     libbyoutlaw@gmail.com
Paula Coughlin, LMBT # 1530                        
     Durham, NC                          
     phone:   (919) 805-9801
     email:     paulacoughlin@aol.com
Glaeshia O’Rourke, LMBT #1992                  
      Durham, NC
      phone:         (919) 489-4118
      email:            glaeshia@gmail.com
Cheryl Socks, CMT, NCTMB
Front Royal, Virginia
      phone:   (540)-635-2508
      email:     csocks@centurylink.net
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