Fascial Conduction Institute
From Fascial Conduction Clinic clients

I want to extend my appreciation for the fascial work on Thursday and for the love that was in the field.  The care of the touch and the hearts was potent.  I am still feeling the unfolding's in my tissue and have new curiosities around my signature wave. 
Rebecca Lawson, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher

Greetings Women who weave in the Matrix,
I am so very grateful to all of you for the phenomenal energetic reorganizing, redistribution & integration I received last Thursday!  It was quite an extraordinary experience to feel you all connecting inside my field-an intimacy of a new order, yet deeply familiar in that timeless way.  I have felt a continued permeability and morphing sense of my own time/space, much like I do after a dive, but truly initiating at the midline-how cool is that?-!!
A kind of rippling undulation, rhythmic and expanding in a long wave. There is greater ease of movement around my diaphragm, more integration upper to lower and an invagination back to front at the midline.
Sabine Mead, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher 
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